The abdominal muscles play a prominent role for men as it is a center piece that indicates the level of fitness. Whether you are taking part in a bodybuilding competition or simply out at the beach, you need to have the best looking six packs abs to steal the show.

Below are some of the most effective six pack abs workouts.

  1. Cable Crunches: Fix a rope on an overhead pulley and try grasping the edge of the rope on each hand. Hold the rope towards your forehead by kneeling down and curl the torso downwards. Round your back and move the head near your knees while you feel the abdominal muscles crunch. Squeeze your abs muscles towards the end of the movement for 3 seconds. Thereafter, slowly come back to the initial position.
  2. Sit Ups: Sit on the mat or on the floor as you hold a medicine ball in between your hands. Your feet can be placed in front of you. Now slowly try to fold your knees and lift your feet high enough that they are off the ground partially. Keep your ankles together at the same time. Lean backwards to ensure that the torso is in 45 degrees direction to the floor.
  3. Knee Raises: Protect your arms through harnesses placed towards the chin up bar. In case there is no harness available, simply grip the chin up bar with an overhand grip. Your body can be straight down and your feet should be kept together. Curl your knees upwards near the chest and keep your legs together. Squeeze your lower abs and lower your feet towards the floor. Your legs will straighten out and bring you back to the initial position.
  4. Leg Tucks: On a bench, place your buttocks crosswise and hold on to the sides for grip. Raise your legs a little, fold your knees and lean back in 45 degree angle. Like a scissor movement, try to curl up the upper body close to the pelvic area as you round your back. Lift your knees at the same time towards the head to make your body appear like a V shape. Lastly, feel your abs crunch together. Slowly come back to the initial position.
  5. Workout Ball Pull-In: Lie on a stability ball and your belly should face down. Use your hands to walk on top of the stability ball. Keep your body straight while you do this until the top part of your feet faces down on the stability ball. This will make you stay in a push up posture with arms straightened and abs pulled in. With your abs muscles, you can tuck your knees near the chest when the ball begins to roll in the same position with the top portion of the feet positioned on the ball. When you bring your knees and ball up towards the chest, pause for one second and straighten your legs and return to the first position.
  6. Ab Crunch Device: Use abs crunch machines which come with grip handles for ultimate results. You should focus on squeezing the pelvis and rib cage together when the contraction of abs takes place.

These are the 6 workouts which help in building six pack abs.