The strength training workouts help in working your muscle groups and improving your metabolism rate. Below are 6 strength training workouts for women.

1.Overhead Squat

In order to perform this workout, you need a gym bag placed on the head while you are standing and grip the ends of the bag with your hands. The arms should be straightened and feet widened.  Thereafter, thrust the hips back and bend your knees to perform the squat and avoid slouching. You should descend downward as if you are sitting back in a small chair. Your hips should be parallel to the knee joints. Stay in that position for one or two seconds and rise back to the initial position. Start with 5 repetitions and gradually increase it.

2.Dead lift

Use the gym bag for placing in front of your feet.  Thereafter, stand behind and bring your feet closer to each other. Fold your knees and push your hips to grip the edges of the gym bag. Come back to standing posture as you straighten your legs and back. Contract the shoulder blades and stick your chest out. Perform at least 5 repetitions.

3.Kettle bell Swing

With the help of a water jug, hold the handle of the jug and ensure that you are holding it below the pelvis. Straighten your arms and lean down. Bend your upper body forward by pushing your buttocks out. It should appear like you are squatting. With a strong force squat back quickly without bending your knees completely. When the water jug reaches the chest level, you can lower the body and push your buttocks into the initial position. Do 20 repetitions.

4.Leg split squat

Begin with holding a water jug in each hand and keep your arms straight. Keep your face away from the chair and one of your feet can be propped on a chair. One of the legs should be straight and the other can be propped back onto the chair. Now, bend your straight leg downwards like a squat and make sure that the knee is not going past your toes. The leg that is propped on the chair should be lowered and bent. Squat until the knee on the chair touches the surface and hold for one second before you go back to the start position. Perform this exercise for minimum 5 repetitions.

5.Hammer Curls

With a water jug in each hand, position the arms as straight as possible by your sides. The wrists should be in line with your shoulders. Contract the biceps by using the forearm to get the jugs upwards in curling movement. Once your hand comes in contact with the arm, you can stop for a second to squeeze the biceps. The water jugs can be lowered back into the initial position. Do 5 to 10 repetitions.

6.Overhead Press

Stand tall and straight with feet placed at shoulder width apart. The chest needs to be pushed up like you are puffing it all out. Hold the gym bag by its edges and place it across the front arms so that it rests on the collarbone. Thereafter, squeeze the glutes for stability and push the bag upwards. Do 12 repetitions.