Belly fat is one of the common concerns for most people. Once the fat starts accumulating in the abdominal area, it is difficult to get rid of it unless proper workouts are performed. If you are looking for a solution to lose belly fat, you need to perform some of the floor workouts.  The best part about floor exercises is that you don’t need any fancy or expensive fitness equipment. These exercises can be performed within the comfort of your homes anytime of the day or night.

Below are the top 5 effective floor workouts for belly fat reduction

  1. Bicycle workout: This exercise is ideal to get rid of excess belly fat. To perform this workout, stand in supine position and place your hands at the back of the head. Now bring your knees forward towards the chest as you lift shoulders off the floor. Bring the right elbow closer to your left knee slowly as you straighten the right leg. Continue to perform in a pedaling motion by switching sides. Perform 1 to 3 sets for 12 to 15 times.
  2. Leg crunch: To perform this workout, lie straight on the floor and straighten your legs up with knees crossed. You can place the hands below your head for best support. Lift the shoulders off the floor as you contract your abs and place your legs in a constant position before you crunch. Perform 1 to 3 sets for 12 to 15 times.
  3. Long arm crunch: Lie straight on the floor and extend your arms straight. Keep them clasped close to the ears. Now contract your abs by lifting shoulders from the floor so as to keep yours arms in a straight position. Perform this for 1 to 3 sets for 12 to 15 times.
  4. Rope jumping: This is indeed one of the most effective cardio workouts that help in losing belly fat. When you perform this workout for 10 minutes, it is equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes. You can start this workout with 5 rounds with 60 seconds of jumping and resting for 30 seconds in between. Perform around 3 to 5 rounds for 5 minutes.
  5. Basic abs crunches: Abs crunches are done to build abs and lose abdominal fat. It is indeed one of the effective floor exercises for belly fat that can be performed anywhere. Lie on the floor and bend your knees. Place your hands behind the head and lift your shoulders upwards towards the ceiling using your abs muscles. Pause for a while and go back to the first position. Repeat the workout for 10 to 15 times.

Thus, these are the top 5 workouts that help in working out belly fat effectively. In addition to these workouts, you can incorporate a healthy diet to maintain the fitness outcomes. You can include more of healthy fruits and vegetables with lean protein in your diet for effective results. When you perform these workouts in addition to a healthy diet, you can have a fit body with a flat belly.