The Max Trainer M3 from Bowflex is the perfect piece of equipment for beginners. It features best design that helps in burning maximum calories. This machine keeps the upper body fully engaged unlike other fitness machines. It keeps your whole body engaged in workouts providing workout effect on all major muscle groups of the body. Try to locate some reliable Max Trainer Reviews online which will give you good information about the machine. If you are keen to burn calories and lose weight, you can consider this fitness machine as it can be used conveniently from home.

Features at a glance

  1. Combines the functionality of stair climber, elliptical trainer and a treadmill
  2. Zero impact on back, knees, hips and other trouble spots
  3. Inclusive of a display screen to monitor heart rate along with a chest strap
  4. Burns maximum calories within 30 minutes of workout
  5. Effective than any other equipment for maximum upper body workout

Benefits of Max Trainer M3

  1. Zero impact: The M3 has the required drive and power that keeps your body challenged throughout the workout. When you glance through the overall design of this model, you will understand that the unit provides zero impact unlike other traditional machines like treadmill. Besides, there is no strain on the joints or any kind of injury taking place during the workout session. As a result, users can focus entirely on building stronger arms and slimmer body to get in best shape. It is a low impact machine that has become popular worldwide.
  2. Adjustable resistance level: The M3 is different from a regular treadmill, stair climber or elliptical machine although it offers the benefits of all three equipments. The resistance level can be adjusted as per requirement in an elliptical machine and the same feature holds good for M3 as well. There are 8 levels of resistance that can be changed manually through the dial placed on the hand bars. M3 is unique fitness device as it offers high intensity workout which is often difficult to find in other machines. The machine has the ability to withstand up to 300 pounds of weight.
  3. Easy to operate: Users can make use of the inbuilt workout programs with 2 user profiles in addition to media shelf and water bottle holder. The media shelf holder can be used to place your music box for entertainment while you are working out. The machine is easy to operate and helps to control programs and modify the resistance. In order to track your heart rate, you can use the chest strap that is provided along with the device at the time of purchase.

The Max Trainer is designed specifically to provide zero impact on the joints. This is indeed one of the most useful features. It does not make users exhausted, but in turn encourages users to perform workouts regularly to accomplish best results. Besides, it motivates users to burn more and more calories and makes your workout sessions more effective. This helps in providing a sense of relief and satisfaction as you successfully achieve the desired results. All in all, it is a great choice if you are looking at burning more calories and tone your muscles.